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Tank Coating

A well-applied tank coating is critical in maximizing the longevity of a tank. Crosno Construction’s highly skilled and experienced painting staff self-performs all of our new tank coatings and can also perform existing tank recoating work per AWWA D102 for potable water storage tanks. This allows us to provide the best quality control on our projects and to assume full responsibility for the finished product. 

Our field coating operations begin at shop surface preparation and do not conclude until the final disinfection of the tank. We control every process along the way to maximize the paintability of all surfaces. This includes taking special care to avoid inaccessible areas, as well as properly grinding and detailing welds to provide the best painting surface. Our close attention to detail produces the highest-quality and longest-lasting paint job possible. 

Tank rehab services include corrosion repairs, safety upgrades, seismic upgrades, surface preparation, new coatings and any special modifications. Self-performing this work allows us to complete the entire job quickly and efficiently to get the tank back into service quickly and on schedule. 

Standard coating systems include NSF 61 epoxies, zinc-rich paint for interior and/or exterior, and polyurethane exterior coating systems. Other specialized coatings are available depending upon the product that is stored.


Napa Turnout 5MG Tank
Interior Epoxy Coating
Tuoloumne 1 MG tank